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  • Posted 2020-09-25

    winston salem core drilling Picture 1 services 3 inch

    winston salem core drilling

    The picture is the result of an outside view of coring a 3-inch hole in while doing some Winston Salem core drilling for the guys installing the new freezer for the public school on 799 Bryson st. The inside of the brick wall is made of a layer of styrofoam, space and then reinforced concrete-filled cement block and the location of the h...
  • Posted 2020-09-22

    8 inch core slug and core bore bit Picture 1 products 8 inch

    8 inch core slug and core bore bit

    Price $360

    Here are an 8-inch core slug and the core boring bit that cut a hole for a plumbing pipe on Brevard St in Charlotte North Carolina. This is an 8-inch wall that the core bit handled easily. With only one piece of 1/2 inch rebar in the slug, the drilling time took about 6 minutes, which was welcomed relief because previously the reinforced ...
  • Posted 2020-09-21

    coring 8 inch hole in concrete wall Picture 1 services 8 inch

    coring 8 inch hole in concrete wall

    Up on a ladder again, coring an 8-inch hole in ac concrete wall. As you can see our core drilling skills bear no bounds as we scale up the rungs to the top and put that hole through the wall for and 6-inch plumbing pipe for the new condos located at 2715 Brevard st charlotte NC. Mounted againg with a trusty wedge anchor we use a 7-inch by...
  • Posted 2020-09-20

    coring sidewalk in Durham NC Picture 1 services 3 inch

    coring sidewalk in Durham NC

    Coring a hole in the concrete sidewalk just outside of the Duke University campus in Durham North Carolina. This core drill hole was for a new signpost at one of the new condos they have built on 9th street, Durham. Years ago we had also cored for the Marriot hotel that is nearby on the very same street. The setting for this coring job wa...
  • Posted 2020-08-28

    money back guarantee Picture 1 services 1 inch

    money back guarantee

    100% money back guarantee if our core drill bits do not perform after the you drilled the first hole. We often get 40 core drilled holes per bit. We use plenty of water to make sure the bit doesn't get hot, but too much water will keep your core drill bits too cool to cause grit and the bit might not self sharpen....
  • Posted 2020-08-28

    Affiliate help Picture 1 services 1 inch

    Affiliate help

    Most questions can be answered by looking in the dev section. Using our site to bolster your own website is a perfect plan. You can add as many keywords or posts as u like that get your product or service seen by more people...
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