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Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc.

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In addition to selling high quality concrete core drilling bits we also provide concrete core drilling service to North Carolina. We provide concrete core drilling services for the areas of Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Winston Salem, and all the smaller towns in between. We have core drilled thousands of holes in concrete, brick, asphalt and cement block every year since 1996. Professionally core drilled concrete walls, concrete floors, brick porches, loading docks, fireplaces, concrete stairs, concrete ramps,...and many more types of structures.

We core drill for contractors and homeowners, both commercial and residential.

Fast core drill operators and great results. Ability to core drill holes from the sizes of 1 inch to 14 inches in diameter, and up to 36 inchess deep.

Over the years we have developed countless ways to core drill what our customers have needed to get drilled. From innovative methods to core drilling concrete walls to the worlds first core drilling costs calculator, and our exclusive pipe chart for sleeved holes. Our core drilling service stands a step above the rest.

Here some Examples of what a concrete cutting core drill bit will cut.

- Rebar
- Pipe
- Angle Iron
- Channel
- Tube
- Plate
- Bar
- Micro Rebar
- Pressboard
- Sheetrock
- Lite Plywood
- Concrete
- Reinforced Concrete
- brick
- Reinforced Concrete Block
- Reinforced Brick
- Cement Block
High Quality Core Drill Bits

Posted 2020-09-20

core drilling company Picture 1

core drilling company

services BLOG

We are Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc, A north Carolina core drilling company with over 25 years of experience making holes in concrete, brick, and stone....

Posted 2020-09-10

core drilling at an angle Picture 1

core drilling at an angle

services BLOG

These are some beautiful pictures of Boone, NC where we core drilled a hole through a patio wall. We used a smart level to get the angle of the holes to be dril...

Posted 2020-09-05

Sharpen a core bit Picture 1

Sharpen a core bit

services BLOG - $1

best to watch this with safety glasses already on. When using this method of sharpening your core drill bit please take all precautions. In the Picture is a gri...

Posted 2020-08-29

hole in a brick wall Picture 1

hole in a brick wall

services BLOG - $375

This is outside a substation near stanley county, North Carolina, where we are core drilling a 4 inch core drill hole with one of our own core drill bits and it...

Posted 2020-08-28

core drill bit warranty Picture 1

core drill bit warranty

products BLOG - $1

USPO ground We never want to sell a bad product, so 30 days or the first hole, not excluding neglect. Absolutely YES At least 40 with normal wear and tear M...

Posted 2020-08-24

carolina precision core drill Picture 1

carolina precision core drill

services Core Drilling Hole Prices - $1

Carolina Precision Core drilling Inc. We offer core drilling services in North Carolina. We can core drill in charlotte, raleigh, greensboro, fayetteville, wins...
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