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make money core drilling concrete

Make $25 dollars for signing up to core-drill-bit.com

Free money to advertise your concrete core drilling business.

We offer core drillers and other concrete drilling advertisers a listing of their site on our search engine. Choose our premium plan by signing up and directly add keywords related to your site, and receive visitors at a cost-per-click basis for as low as $.01 per click. Using our keyword tool you will be competing with others who also are targeting that particular word or phrase for their website. This commonly called Pay Per Click advertising. Our service is much more cost effective than other advertising methods because our service is highly targeted. Instead of having your Website show up randomly on different sites and hoping people will click your link, surfers visit our site looking for specific content using keywords that relate to your website or business, just like any other search engine. This method of advertising is one of the most effective methods of increasing your sales conversion rate (i.e. number of visitors VS. number of sales). core-drill-bit.com lets your advertising dollar go much further and more accurately than traditional means.

What other incentives do we offer?

A free blogging site. You always can add more money to your keyword account to keep up the dominance you have achieved at the top.

But if telling stories about your concrete core drilling products or services is more your thing then we make it easy.

Your posts are searchable on our site for FREE!

Yep Free

Free. How bout that?

Take some jobsite pictures and post them with a great story attached.

Got a youtube video you would like to share...

...and would like to tell a story and show some pictures or other video together with it to boot.

You can do it here.

Maybe your a code monkey!

Copy-and-paste a few lines of code in order to add a core-drill-bit-com search box to your website. You will receive 25% per click on any of the paid search results that your referrals click.

How much does it cost and how many visitors will I receive?

Signing up is free and your new account will be credited $25 to start bidding on keywords. You must bid at least $.01 for each keyword you list. Traffic to your site from core-drill-bit-com may depend on many factors. For example, the more targeted your keywords are, the higher the quality of traffic to you website. Which means a higher sales rate for whatever you may be selling.

How does your ranking system work?

All PPC ranking is based on advertiser bids. For example: Lets say you bid on the keyword phrase core drill bit for one penny ($.01). When a core-drill-bit-com visitor searches for "core drill bit" your website would come up at the very top in the search results. Then if someone else were to bid more that one penny for the keyword phrase "online casino" then your site would be listed just one position below the person who out bid you for that keyword. So, the highest bidder for a specific keyword will always receive the highest ranking for that specific keyword, and lower bidders listings will appear under the highest bidder in descending order of their bid amount.