coring 8 inch hole in concrete wall

Price - $475

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Phone: 704-245-0119

Event/Project Location: Charlotte NC

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2020-09-21 20:46:30

Last Updated: 2020-09-21 20:46:30

Up on a ladder again, coring an 8-inch hole in ac concrete wall. As you can see our core drilling skills bear no bounds as we scale up the rungs to the top and put that hole through the wall for and 6-inch plumbing pipe for the new condos located at 2715 Brevard st charlotte NC. Mounted againg with a trusty wedge anchor we use a 7-inch by 1/2 inch acnhor the secure the mount to the wall and then attach the motor, making the hole effortlessly. Our portable rig can be taken apart and reassembled anywhere we need it, at any angle on the wall such as upside down, sideways, or even counterclosckwise