1 inch core drill bit

1 inch core drill bit


Size: 1 inch OD

Wet Use only. 5/8-inch x 11 tpi hub thread. Laser welded 10 mm diamond teeth segments. Cuts cement, reinforced concrete, brick, block and asphalt. Full 1-inch OD. American Made.


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new ratings 4 3 customer reviews , April 12, 2018 4/ 5 The diamond core drill bit drilled right throught the walls.

1" Core Drilling Updates

  • Posted 2021-02-25

    core drilling 1 inch holes for anchor rods Picture 1 services 1 inch

    core drilling 1 inch holes for anchor rods

    Core drilling in Harrells, South CarolinaOn a perfect sunny day in late Feb 2021, we set about core drilling 1-inch holes for anchor rods for some new very large transformers that were to be installed at the Baytree Solar farm in Harrells, NC. Normally core drilling a 1-inch hole in a 5-foot concrete pad is not a problem but for this proj...
  • Posted 2020-08-28

    money back guarantee Picture 1 services 1 inch

    money back guarantee

    100% money back guarantee if our core drill bits do not perform after the you drilled the first hole. We often get 40 core drilled holes per bit. We use plenty of water to make sure the bit doesn't get hot, but too much water will keep your core drill bits too cool to cause grit and the bit might not self sharpen....
  • Posted 2020-08-28

    Affiliate help Picture 1 services 1 inch

    Affiliate help

    Most questions can be answered by looking in the dev section. Using our site to bolster your own website is a perfect plan. You can add as many keywords or posts as u like that get your product or service seen by more people...