coring sidewalk in Durham NC

Price - $275

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Event/Project Location: Durham North Carolina

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2020-09-20 20:50:43

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Coring a hole in the concrete sidewalk just outside of the Duke University campus in Durham North Carolina. This core drill hole was for a new signpost at one of the new condos they have built on 9th street, Durham. Years ago we had also cored for the Marriot hotel that is nearby on the very same street. The setting for this coring job was fairly simple as we used our trusty floor mount M-1 core drill rig and the handy 4097 motor to core drill this 3 and a half-inch hole in the sidewalk. Many core drilling company uses premade water catching rings to catch the slurry made by the drilling. We prefer to use sandbags made of old tube socks to block the water in and suck it up with a Vaccum. Of course, this can lead to emptying out the wet shop vac several times, for this, we just use a plain old non-leaking bucket. The thickness of the sidewalk was a bit surprising as it was close to 9 inches thick, as the most concrete sidewalks in North Carolina are mostly 6 inches thick, or at least in our experience. Our core drill bits in our toolbox are all the brands that we sell here on this site. The drilling depth is 14 inches and longer with extensions. We did not need one for this small project. Power and water was located on our truck as usual and make this an easy core drilling job. Even though we freehanded it, which means in our terms we did not lock the core drill down but used our trusted confidence and many years of boring holes in concrete to know if the core drill rig was under stress and was about to turn,. thankfully it did not.