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  • Posted 2020-07-07

    core drilling stamped concrete patio Picture 1 services 6 inch

    core drilling stamped concrete patio

    This is a small residential project we underwent in York, SC where we core drilled 4 six inch core drill holes through stamped concrete. The hole nearest in the center of the stamped concrete patio was 14 inches deep which meant that we had to drill down through the foundation underneath the stamped concrete to reach the dirt below which ...
  • Posted 2020-06-30

    carolina precision core drilling Picture 1 products 10 inch

    carolina precision core drilling

    Price $50

    this is our new shirt that we now have for core drilling in North Carolina. We happen to be the fastest core drillers in the state. ...
  • Posted 2020-06-18

    core drilling a cement block wall Picture 1 services 5 inch

    core drilling a cement block wall

    This is a small core drilling job we did in Morrisville, NC, which is a small suburb of Raleigh, NC. The 5 inch core drill holes in the block wall were for new gas lines at the newly constructed Duke medical center on Arlington Dr. Most cement block walls are poured with concrete and rebar every other block or 16 inches, sometimes every 2...
  • Posted 2020-06-03

    core drilling limestone Picture 1 services 6 inch

    core drilling limestone

    This us, Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc. core drilling a 6 inch hole through the limestone top of the federal courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina during the time of the great Riots, which is the time right after the great pandemic. None the less work has gone on despite the lock downs and riots though out the local cities in ou...
  • Posted 2020-05-28

    3 inch hole in a cement block wall  Picture 1 services 3 inch

    3 inch hole in a cement block wall

    This particular core drilling job was pretty high on a block wall which can be difficult to accomplish. Hollow cement block walls are the toughest to core drill when the hole needs to be more than 6 foot off the floor. We often use Redhead brand 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch sleeve anchors to secure the rig to the wall. In this case we are drilli...
  • Posted 2020-05-21

    water basin core drilling  Picture 1 services 10 inch

    water basin core drilling

    this is a basic set up for drilling 10 inch holes in a water basin such as you find for modern sports fields here in North Carolina. The 10 inch diamond embedded core drill bit has a drilling depth of 14 to 14 and a half inches and most water basins are less than eight inches so it easily penetrates the reinforced concrete. After setup it...
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