core drilling limestone

Price - $650

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Phone: 704-245-0119

Event/Project Location: Greensboro NC

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2020-06-03 20:28:18

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This us, Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc. core drilling a 6 inch hole through the limestone top of the federal courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina during the time of the great Riots, which is the time right after the great pandemic. None the less work has gone on despite the lock downs and riots though out the local cities in our state. We have to get done by noon as not to get trapped in the crowds during this time and mistaken for a protester, either for or against anything. This morning the stores on Market St. and Eugene St were boarded up like a hurricane had came or was about to come through. On a roof om the courthouse , through the bright sunshine we wore face masks that my wife had gotten just a few days ago in Biscoe Walmart. Strange time indeed, even for a core driller.