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  • Posted 2020-09-10

    core drilling at an angle Picture 1 services BLOG

    core drilling at an angle

    with a straight mount core drill rig These are some beautiful pictures of Boone, NC where we core drilled a hole through a patio wall. We used a smart level to get the angle of the holes to be drilled and wood wedges under the base at the back to raise the core drilling rig to 5 degrees or so. The object of completion was to let rainwater...
  • Posted 2020-09-05

    methods to sharpening a core drill bit Picture 1 services BLOG

    methods to sharpening a core drill bit

    What makes a core drill bit dull? If you found this post then you have a problem. Your core drill bit is dull. I am specifically speaking about wet-cutting with diamond embedded teeth core drill bits. The type used on core drill motors that are in general are 120 volts, 15 to 20 amp, and made to drill holes in reinforced concrete walls, f...
  • Posted 2020-08-29

    hole in a brick wall Picture 1 services BLOG

    hole in a brick wall

    This is outside a substation near stanley county, North Carolina, where we are core drilling a 4 inch core drill hole with one of our own core drill bits and it went perfectly. The rig had to mounted upside down to be able to get center of where the penetration of the 13 inch reinforced brick wall need to be for the grey electric pipes to...
  • Posted 2020-08-28

    core drill bit warranty Picture 1 products BLOG

    core drill bit warranty

    Price $1

    USPO ground We never want to sell a bad product, so 30 days or the first hole, not excluding neglect. Absolutely YES At least 40 with normal wear and tear Monday through Friday: Usually two days utill the shipment arrives NO. NO and NO.';...
  • Posted 2020-08-24

    vacuum pump for core drilling Picture 1 services BLOG

    vacuum pump for core drilling

    A vacuum pump is the unique way that a core drill operator can suck down a core drilling rig to a concrete floor. This method is preferred when core drilling most smooth concrete floors. The vacuum pump sits on the core drill rig usually between the two wheels if the rig is so equipped. A soft suction foam ring lines a channel on the bott...
  • Posted 2020-08-15

    core drilling samples Picture 1 services BLOG

    core drilling samples

    This is our work truck again, this time back in Concord, NC. This particular project involved core drilling through the shop floor of this former transmission shop on church street north. After we get done making a 4" hole in the floor a machine comes in and pounds segments of plastic tube some 30 feet into the ground. This allows the dir...
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