core drilling at an angle

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Event/Project Location: boone North carolina

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2020-09-10 14:41:21

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with a straight mount core drill rig

These are some beautiful pictures of Boone, NC where we core drilled a hole through a patio wall. We used a smart level to get the angle of the holes to be drilled and wood wedges under the base at the back to raise the core drilling rig to 5 degrees or so. The object of completion was to let rainwater off the patio and over the hill when heavy storms come through the area. Previously the rainwater was piling up at the patio low spot and it could get as high a 12 inches before it would reach the edge of the stone deck and begin to overflow off the patio on its own. Mounting the core drill rig 2 inches below the level floor line on the outside of the wall and at the angle, we were able to make a scuffer that allowed the rainwater to now freely flow off the deck and not flood the inside of the house as it had been doing before. The wall measured at 20 inches which meant we had to core drill a total of 25 inches at the angle that was set. We use this method of core drilling at an angle for most of our work. Hardly ever are walls that even though they appear to be flat are often not. The video was taken to show the core drill in action. You might notice the core drill rig is mounted upside down, this allowed us enough room to set up the machine to get the right-center for where we wanted to come out at. Sometimes we have to use our custom welded concrete wedge anchors that we make back in our shop to get the correct angle that we need to be able to come out on where we would like. We welded two 7 inch wedge anchors together to make a 14-inch beast that can go deep into the wall so it will hold everything in place while the core drill hole is being made.