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Ultizing the cut and break system to cut up to 16 inches deep in most concrete, brick and cement block wall surfaces. This type of concrete cutting is the newest innovation to pleasure a saw operators hands since the invention concrete sawing.

Carolina Precision Core Drilling.

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North Carolina

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Concrete block and brick cutting.

We provide concrete, brick, cement block cutting and sawing services for the North Carolina towns of Raleigh, Greensboro, Statesville, Salisbury, Concord, Matthews, Lumberton, Cary, Burlington, and Fayetteville.

Social blogging home of Carolina Precision Core Drilling . The fastest and most efficient core drilling company in North Carolina, We now can cut a window, door and almost any type opening in reinforced concrete walls and steel pan floors. We offer concrete sawing services using medium bond, wet use cut and break core style saws as well as typical wet use concrete cut off saws to accomplish all the tasks that a concrete cutter can do. From cutting depths of 1-inch to 16-inches. We can certainly help you complete your project with fast a response to your needs. On our pages you can find project pictures, job site videos, and information about all of our concrete core drilling and concrete cutting services.

Concrete Slab cutting


our saw blades have specially designed diamond segments that allow our concrete sawing blades to preform a smooth, self-sharpening cutting edge when cutting through rebar, metal-reinforced concrete or cement block walls and floors. With our array of Concrete saw blades cutting cement block and brick, even concrete block filled with metal rebar is fast and quick. No matter the size of the opening our diamond embedded teeth chew straight through masonry wall and floor structures.to produce a clean saw cut. Fresh and recent posts about our products and services. we provide real pictures and articles about concrete sawing in action on both homeowner, general contractor, and sub-contractor projects.

Concrete cutting and sawing services only available in the state of North Carolina Area.

See our many posts, pics, and videos and what types of projects our concrete saw operators can cut for you.

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