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  • Posted 2020-09-25

    winston salem core drilling Picture 1 services 3 inch

    winston salem core drilling

    The picture is the result of an outside view of coring a 3-inch hole in while doing some Winston Salem core drilling for the guys installing the new freezer for the public school on 799 Bryson st. The inside of the brick wall is made of a layer of styrofoam, space and then reinforced concrete-filled cement block and the location of the h...
  • Posted 2020-09-20

    coring sidewalk in Durham NC Picture 1 services 3 inch

    coring sidewalk in Durham NC

    Coring a hole in the concrete sidewalk just outside of the Duke University campus in Durham North Carolina. This core drill hole was for a new signpost at one of the new condos they have built on 9th street, Durham. Years ago we had also cored for the Marriot hotel that is nearby on the very same street. The setting for this coring job wa...
  • Posted 2020-05-28

    3 inch hole in a cement block wall  Picture 1 services 3 inch

    3 inch hole in a cement block wall

    This particular core drilling job was pretty high on a block wall which can be difficult to accomplish. Hollow cement block walls are the toughest to core drill when the hole needs to be more than 6 foot off the floor. We often use Redhead brand 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch sleeve anchors to secure the rig to the wall. In this case we are drilli...
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