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  1. 1 north carolina core drilling service
    core drilling service and sales in north carolina
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  2. 2 north carolina core drillers
    core drilling experts in north carolina
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  3. 3 Carolina Core Drill
    Carolina Core Drill Company for greensboro, raleigh, asheboro, asheville, boone, fort mill,
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  4. 4 North Carolina Core Drillers
    1/2" to 16" wet cutting Diamond core drill bits. 10 mm Diamond teeth.
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  5. 5 water-basin-core-drilling-
    water-basin-core-drilling_1.jpg this is a basic set up for drilling 10 inch holes in a water basin such as you find for modern sports fields here in North Carolina. The 10 inch diamond embedded core drill bit has a drilling depth of 14 to 14 and a half inches and most water basins are less than eight inches so it easily penetrates the reinforced concrete. After setup it usually takes about 10 minutes more or less to complete the job.
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  6. 6 3-inch-core-drilling-concrete-floors

    One of the tougher jobs when core drilling is going through metal framing for sheetrock in when it is part of the project. Usually 3 inch core drilling through metal framing is different for if you do not have the core drill rig anchored or vacuum sealed to hold the rig to the floor then your going to have problems cause the core drill bit when engaging the metal framing will maybe try to skip around making starting the hole tough to do.

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  7. 7 14-inch-core-drilling-bit-for-reinforced-concrete

    14 inch core drill bit, 17 inches in lenght from top of hub to bottom of 10 mm diamond teeth. we used this 14 inch core drill bit to cut holes in water basins at the football field at Robinson high school on Pitts School Rd. in concord, north carolina

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  8. 8 6-inch-core-drilling-bit-for-concrete-floors

    6 inch core drilling bit for concrete concrete walls and floors. This is us in 6 inch core drilling hole in a hospital boiler room wall that happened to be close to 48 inches thick. It took three 12 inch 1 1/4 x 7 tpi threaded core drill bit extensions.

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  9. 9 8-inch-core-drill-bit-for-core-drilling

    8 inch core drill bit for sale

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  10. 10 10-inch-core-drill-bit

    10 inch core drilling bit for heavy construction type jobs. Diamond embedded teeth to cut the toughest rebar or metal in the concrete wall or floor

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  11. 11 12-inch-core-drill-bit

    for sale in North Carolina 12 inch core dirll bit

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  12. 12 3-inch-core-drill-bit

    3 inch core drilling bit for sale in north carolina

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  13. 13 2-inch-core-drill-bit

    2" core drill bit. Full size 2" SAE outside diameter. Best and Fastest cutting general grade concrete core drilling bit on the market.

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  14. 14 wet-cutting-1-inch-core-drill-bit

    new wet cutting core drill bit

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  15. 15 How to Sharpen a concrete core drill bit.
    704-245-0119 A way to sharpen your core drill bit. core drill bit won
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  16. 16 Concrete cutting Core Drill Bit
    Core drill bit prices at wholesale costs. We are the supplier. 704-245-0119. Core drill bit sizes from 1" to 12". Cheap Core drill bit prices.
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  17. 17 Concrete Cutting Tools & Equipment | South Florida, Miami, Vero Beach, O...
    We use top-of-the-line equipment for core drilling, track sawing, wire sawing, and concrete cutting and grinding. Our trucks are fully equipped with electric & hydraulic core drills, diesel & electric slab saws, ICS chainsaws, and generators.
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  18. 18 Concrete Masonry Equipment and Tools | United Rentals
    Explore our fleet of Concrete & Masonry equipment; from Concrete Buckets and Mixers to Saws and Core Drills. Visit United Rentals today to view rental rates.
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  19. 19 Core Drillers | Costa Mesa, CA | Todd's Core Drilling
    For quality core drilling services you can trust, give Todd
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  20. 20 Concrete Cutting, Coring and Core Drilling Santa Barbara CA
    Avail reliable & convenient concrete coring & core drilling services in Santa Barbara with Concrete Cutting Company for your residential or commercial projects.
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