core drilling sample for concrete footer

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Event/Project Location: Charlotte NC

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2020-12-19 16:00:19

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This post title could have been core drilling to see what is under the concrete floor instead of core drilling sample for the concrete footer. In both the pictures, a 4-inch core drill bit was used to put a 4-inch hole in the concrete floor. One was simply to see if there was a concrete footer under the garage of a house near Carmel Rd in Charlotte, NC and, the other for determining whether or not the concrete contractor that had poured the floor of a small shop off South Blvd had indeed placed the needed water barrier down before the concrete was sleuthed into the forms. Of the two different jobs, the one could have been solved by using a rotary hammer drill and masonry bit to penetrate the garage floor to conclude if there was a footer poured underneath the floor for structural support. of course, seeing is believing and a perfectly round smooth 4-inch core drill hole in your floor will certainly let you visualize what is under your concrete floor. Which was in this case happened to be red Carolina clay. The other project, though also simple in nature, could only be discovered by core drilling a large enough hole to keep the plastic water barrier membrane intact so it too could be seen. These 2 simple core drilling projects, done here in the last months of the dreadful year 2020, demonstrate how not all core drilling sample projects are for finding out the makeup of what the concrete is made of. Sometimes it is just to find out what is underneath.