core drilling in concrete walls in south carolina

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Event/Project Location: Fort Mill SC

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2021-02-05 22:41:09

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Another project where we performed some

core drilling in concrete walls in South Carolina. This is an eight-inch core drill hole that was cored in a drain basin that connected to the main sewage lines for the city of Fort Mill, SC. Not a very spectacular hole as core drill holes go. I took about 40 minutes total time to finish this job and was off to the next one. A lot of our work is just Small and short. We do not mind core drilling for the small guy who justs needs one hole every once in a while.

These are some of our favorite customers as we are able to provide full complimentary service including taking the time to find where the pipe needs to end up going so that we can set the machine correctly to perform the most precise job that we can.

The steel grate is a normal part of the drainage systems around these parts of the country. Plenty of shovel handles have been worn out on projects such as this. One nice factor about core drilling in upper South Carolina is that most of the time the soil is sandy, just like you were at the beach. Believe me sand beats red Carolina clay mud anytime. The core drill bit we used was one of our own that we sell on this site. An 8-inch core drill bit will usually last about 30 to 40 holes more or less depending on the amount of rebar you might actually hit, which in these boxes was not too bad.

For most of our customers we can get up to 60 to 100 holes with a core drill bit that has been used for relatively light-duty core drilling.