foundation wall core drilling cary north carolina

Price - $650

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Event/Project Location: Cary NC

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2021-03-26 21:30:56

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This is a picture of a six-inch core drill hole in a foundation wall

on the new building going up at 352 south walker street, Cary, North Carolina. Of course, it hasn't been popped yet, which is the term our company uses to indicate that the core rock had been drilled as deep as it needs in order for a steel chisel to been inserted into the kerf of the cut in the concrete and hit with a 3-pound hammer in break the core inside the wall at the base of where the core drill bit had been drilled too.

The black bubbly-looking covering on the foundation wall core drilling Cary, North Carolina is waterproofing that is typically used in the central North Carolina areas like Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham. Like many newer concrete hardscape worksites built-in NC it was a fully masked Jobsite during the great pandemic which was raging at the time. The reinforced concrete wall happened to be 20 inches thick with a 1 1/4 inch rebar placed every 12 inches in the center. The is a tough, tough wall is all we could say when we were done, but not tough enough as we penetrated it several times to make way for 4-inch pipes to drain away waste from the new plumbing going into the building.

Afterward we headed to another job on the other side of the town of Wake Forest, NC. To drill several holes for a roofer who had to make for new roof drains for a building they had been doing for a few weeks and now was ready for the core drilling.

Just another typical day of a North Carolina Core Driller