coring 6-inch holes for dryer vents

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coring 6-inch holes for dryer vents Picture 1

Fig. 1

6-inch core drill hole at new apartments on Eastway dr
coring 6-inch holes for dryer vents Picture 2

Fig. 2

6-inch core drilling for sewer access at house on fairview rd
coring 6-inch holes for dryer vents Picture 3

Fig. 3

horizontal core holes to make a 90
coring 6-inch holes for dryer vents Picture 4

Fig. 4

our heavy duty core drilling work truck

December 2021 Core drilling projects in North Carolina

Core drilling through concrete walls and floors

It seems to be a windy fall this last half of November into December of this miserable year. Pandemics, scam-a-demics, terror-a-demics, they are all amuck as Christmas rolls upon us this blessed year.

Luckily we are too busy core drilling to take part in any of that as two jobs this early winter has us coring 6-inch holes for dryer vents into some places that dryer vents don't normally go.

In fig-1, and fig-3 is shown the holes after they were cored both from the top and from the side to effectively make a ninety-degree corner that a plumber could fit some 3-inch PVC pipes into so that he could make an exhaust for a dryer vent. Unlike most dryer exhausts these were made to go out of the building through the foundation. As you can see there was quite a bit of water that was used to cool the core drill bit as it cut the concrete. These types of core drilling jobs are not like what you find during a course at your local tech school of construction. These foundation walls were uneven, low to the ground and already filled with water when we arrived. But we had been in tough situations before and with a few wooden wedges, a level, and some clever hammer drilling to anchor the core drill rig to the wall we soon had the holes drilled.

Coring concrete foundations

fig-2 is a picture of a small job on Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC, right before you cross Park Rd when going past the South Park Mall on Sharon Rd. This is another 6-inch core drill hole for where another plumber needed to make a connection from the new home being built to the city's main sewer lines. As you can see it is full of water like a lot of foundation core drilling is. Again we did not have time to take a picture until after we had finished the job but we got one nonetheless. Fig-4 is a look at our new core drilling Ford f-350, magnum V-8 work truck that we have outfitted especially to take care of the toughest core drilling projects in North Carolina. Over 9000 starting watts, 50 gallons of water, 50 core drill bits, 3 core drill motors, and 3 rigs and core drilling stands, this truck is packed to hunt the bear of concrete walls or floors. Quickly accomplishing any core drilling need a customer may have. Retractable water hoses and electric reels make setup and teardown a breeze with any task that is within 100 ln. ft of this beast. With the ability to pump water as high as 40 ft vertically and 180 ft on grade. But back to our subject most core drilling for dryer vents is a minimum of 4 and a half inches to let a 4-inch piece metal dryer vent pass through a wall with just enough room left to apply water sealant around the outside to set it in place. It was because the plumber needed to have the pipe turn at a sharp 90 that the holes were drilled at 6-inches. This allowed two 3-inch pieces of PVC pipe to be joined with a 90-degree elbow inside the hole where the horizontal and the vertical cores met. A technic used by many commercial trades to make junctions inside walls and floors to make pipe go a different way when obstacles appear.