Core drill 6-inch hole in hollow cement wall

Price - $220

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Phone: 704-245-0119

Event/Project Location: Mooresville NC

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2021-02-15 20:08:09

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Core drilling The Beer Lab in Mooresville, NC

Hanging off the wall just in a precariously dangerous place is our rig as we complete a Core drill 6-inch hole in the hollow cement wall that we are attached to. This particular project was for a local micro-brewery with a very cool name as you can see in the picture. GhostFace Brewing is brewed at a small micro-brewery. The name is The Beer Lab, which is across the railroad tracks from the What-A-Burger in Mooresville, NC. Not the National chain what-a-burger but the local to Cabarrus and Iredell counties What-a-Burger where they still make hamburgers Carolina style all the way here in North Carolina. The way to mount a machine that exerts a lot of force and weighs about 145 lbs once it's all hooked up is not an easy task. We use sleeve anchors and a pre-made pattern of where we locate the base of the core drill rig before we ever start to core drill with one of our 6" bits.