core drilling 202 holes on a concrete platform

Price - $80

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Event/Project Location: Charlotte NC

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2021-04-07 22:12:16

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Fast core drilling in North Carolina

Sometimes on large jobs, we get to test our mettle and see how many holes we can drill on an average worksite day. Out of core drilling the 202 total holes on a concrete platform, this particular day we racked up 77 holes. No small feat as this was done between the times of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM, or a little less than 10 hours. A general average of 8 holes an hour is the amount of time it took. Of course this not top speed for us, but a pretty good lick nonetheless. Our plumber, for which we were coring, laid out the holes, and we, Carolina Precision Core drilling, set to get them done.

Most of the holes were between 2 inches and 6 inches core drill bit size, luckily we were able to advance in blocks of rooms with holes the same size that leads to being able to drill one size in a single pass with each bit. In other words, we drilled all the 2-inch holes for four rooms and then all of the 3-inch core drill holes for the same four rooms, etc. I know, I know,..you say 77 core drill holes is not really all that great of a number for a daily totals worth of work. But consider, this entire event took place with water, power, and tools. Laying out the holes, ie: I like to draw pretty circles around the centers of each size hole to make it easier to tell where the hole is and where it should be drilled. Actually doing the drilling, and of course in cases of redrilling where obstacles that might inhibit the path of the PVC water lines and drain pipes had been found below the podiums concrete floor. Obstacles, by which I mean are steel beams that hold up the 2nd floor. Total project teardown, and repacking everything back into the truck, and last but not least throwing the cores in the dumpster for clean up.

This was all done by 1 man and his wife.

Professional core drilling indeed.

Naturally, this could not be done by any novice core drill operator but we have experience in these matters, always wanted to say that, like Zemo on the avengers, or close enough if that is not the exact quote. The next week of April 2021 we finished most of the rest of the job by putting 31 total 7-inch, 6-inch, 3-inch, and 2-inch holes in the upper podium courtyard, all in one shorter day of course. But this particular day it took about 6 hours to finish up the 2nd-floor podium. Not the greatest time, for now, our average was down to less than 4 holes and hour but heck, sometimes setting up is a good 25 percent to forty percent of the time spent for each job anyway. thriving for efficiency and accuracy is our goal, and anytime that we make a completion we are grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you, General contractors of North Carolina, we are daily grateful for the opportunity to provide excellent core drilling services to you.