4 inch core drilling at electrical substation

Price - $150

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Event/Project Location: Asheboro NC

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2020-10-01 20:29:19

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Some core drilling jobs put the fear of the sweet Jesus in you lie when an operator has to bore a 4-inch hole for local utilities. Water plants, or power plants when these services need to expand to accommodate growth, a core drilling company is often called to put some penetrations in the walls of the substations or electrical walls for panels to house the new components needed to make the new stuff work. In the picture, you can see the wall is littered with about 40 electrical wires that in some cases, 2 inches thick. And in the second and third pictures, you can see how close some of those core bores cut into the wall came to the already installed electrical ground and other wires. It takes professionals that keep their cool, like in all professions to get the job done. One particular scary part of core drilling is the times an operator may have to drill through a wall when core drilling holes in electrical substation walls when utilities such as water plants and power plants have to expand or revamp to increase service for area's they serve. Many power plants use a trenching system. Which are premade fiberglass or lightweight concrete channels about 2 foot wide, 24 inches deep, and installed somewhat level with the pillbox that houses the wiring for the substation. The walls at this substation, which is shown in the picture, already have plenty of wires and conduits previously installed in them, as you can see. It is a pretty frightening situation. Fear is a great thing, and though these core drill operators may not be comfortable getting so close to so many high power wires, The holes get core drilled. Bore Drilled, Boring a hole, it gets done none the less.