Richmond Virginia core drilling

Price - $250

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Phone: 704-245-0119

Event/Project Location: Richmond VA

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2021-03-01 22:34:04

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Spreading our wings and expanding our core drilling service to Richmond, Virginia.

This is a small commercial core drilling job we took on that happened to be located on Fitzhugh St. The task to drill three 3-inch holes in a pre-cast floor from the 3rd floor to the 2nd, and then from the 2nd to the parking garage below. Not too hard of a job though every core drilling operation is a dangerous prospect to take on. We accomplished completion by using a trusty garden pond water pump that runs off of 120 volts and a 5-gallon bucket of cooling water to keep the bit sharp. The floor as can been seen is has a ceramic tile covering to enhance the usefulness of the utility room. Diamond embedded core drill bits have no problems cutting tile leaving a token core of the top layer of the floor. A talisman of the core drilling project we did in near downtown Richmond VA. Core drill slurry was not a problem as we caught all of it with a simple shop vac.