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Core drilling for new infrastructure

Recently the number of core drill holes we have been drilling has been for upgrading of 5g fiber service for individual buildings. There is not much difference in the holes for any other type of utility service except because the data lines that are being installed themselves are usually small, meaning that typical 3-inch penetration will accommodate more than an entire buildings' worth of data lines.

Updating the Fayetteville NC Veterans hospital

While we provide professional core drilling services Fayetteville NC. When we are able to be part of something as important as helping armed force veterans we are proud to be of service. The VA hospital on Ramsey St. in Fayetteville is a particular older building. Made of brick and mortar on the outside facade. The interior floors where we core drilled happens to consist of precast concrete planks that are barely 4 inches thick. You can imagine that it did not take long to drill each hole. The real challenge was the difficulty of keeping dust and water under control so as not to contaminate the air filtration system that is so important to patients with respiratory ailments. Of course, we have had plenty of practice at not making a mess while we are performing our task of boring perfectly round holes into precast floors. But still, it's not what you have done before but what you are doing now that dictates the moment.

This not the first hospital we have core drilled. Having already performed the same type of service for the Concord, Salisbury, and some of the Charlotte area hospitals we were familiar with the protocol. In this time of world pandemic, we naturally had to be masked, but more than that we had to be perfect and not drop even a drop of water or rock down onto the room below which in many cases were occupied by patients of the facility.

Not a rock dropped.

The natural way of things is that when core drilling concrete on a second story floor that the rock drops to the floor below. Luckily we have several methods of catching the rock in case gravity does win out over our countermeasures.

Rock catching methods

Plan A: Centrifugal force often keeps the core in the bit

Plan B: Slowly decrease water so that at the time the hole is at 100 percent penetration the dry dust helps to hold the core in the bit

Plan C: A metal pan positioned on the floor below to catch the rocks

These are the simplest and most common methods used to catch rocks when core drilling.

Core drilling the Cumberland county landfill

Additional Core drilling projects we have recently done in Fayetteville this year is coring twelve-inch holes in water drain basins at the Cumberland county landfill for new sewer and wastewater runoff at the landfill. The Fayetteville landfill is located on Ann St, Fayetteville, NC.

Coring drilling on Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC

Another recent project is 4-inch core drill holes for homeowners right off of Bragg Blvd. The local plumber was remodeling a bathroom and need core drill holes size 4-inch for new shower drains.

Core drilling the Durham VA hospital

turns out a few months later we core drilled some 3-inch holes in the foundation of the Durham Veterans Administration Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. These particular penetrations were for new natural gas piping to be installed into the hospital. Often we are called upon to perform core drilling for the utility companies such as the local power company, internet providers that are running new data cabling to the hubs that power the internet. This, of course, is now September 2021, and when on hospital grounds these days you must practice social distancing to be safe, so everyone on our crew masked up and drilled safely.