12 inch core drilling in Charlotte North Carolina

Price - $650

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Event/Project Location: Charlotte NC

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2020-11-15 20:07:03

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12-inch core drilling in Charlotte, North Carolina is something we do about 240 times a year. Most 12-inch core drilling is for large drainage pipes that return the typical residential or commercial wastewater to areas that take care of cleaning the used, nonpotable water back into the natural ecosystem. Though not always as we have core drilling 12-inch holes through concrete walls and pillboxes for large electrical utility providers in the North Carolina region. But alas this particular hole in the quite well-built 10-inch reinforced concrete wall was for some plumbers that needed to pass 10-inch drainage pipe through this wall. And yes it is currently being built, at the time of this posting, on Brevard St, Charlotte, NC. though I doubt very much that you could now see it as this type of work usually gets covered up by dirt because it is part of the infrastructure of the 6 story apartment building being built on these lots that now have the city tramline system running directly in front of it, making this street a popular place for city type people without cars to get around to where they need to go without using the bus system. In other words, Charlotte's bumbling mass transit system, that very few people use and is more of a traffic Hazzard and delay than a useful tool for all to use. But if you need to use it, then I guess it's great. And the work to make a large enough hole for the pipe put food on our table, so in its own way perspective is a many-sided thing. Back to core drilling 12-inch holes in a reinforced wall. The core drill motor we used was the trusty Milwaukee 4004-20. Milwaukee's best model, in my opinion, can core drill holes in concrete from 4-inch to 14-inch and does a really good job of it. Depending on the hardness of the concrete being drilled the actual time can take up to 10 minutes to wet core drill a 12-inch hole in the average driveway or sidewalk, but ina reinforced concrete load-bearing wall such as this it might ake u to 20 minutes to completely bore through the wall.