12 inch core bore Hickory North Carolina

Price - $900

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Phone: 704-245-0119

Event/Project Location: Hickory North Carolina

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2020-10-07 13:36:58

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This is a 12-inch core drill bit putting a hole in a manhole on Center St., Hickory, North Carolina. Usually, a 12-inch hole is not that difficult to core into the side of a round manhole with our equipment. But even this one put our Milwaukee core drill motor to the test as we had to drill a new drainage trough through the bottom of the water basin to the existing water channel inside the prefabbed manhole. As can be seen, our special rig can be mounted upside down as we perform the core drilling for the 8-inch plumbing drainage pipe to be inserted into the hole with a rubber sealing boot to once we are done.