Concrete cutting a Doorway in Raleigh North Carolina

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Event/Project Location: Raleigh NC

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2023-11-08 22:09:56

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Concrete cutting a Doorway in Raleigh North Carolina Picture 1

Fig. 1

Completed doorway including lintel
Concrete cutting a Doorway in Raleigh North Carolina Picture 2

Fig. 2

Drilled out some of the weight to lighten the load
Revamping Five Points: A Concrete Transformation

Guess who's back at Five Points in Raleigh, NC? Yep, it's us, bringing some serious concrete magic to the scene! 🚀

This time, we tackled the challenge of creating a stylish doorway through a 10-inch thick concrete wall with rebellious 1/2-inch rebar. We don't just cut; we sculpted an opening that's 82 inches tall, complete with a lintel for that extra touch of architectural flair. And of course, we kept it trendy with a 32-inch width – because doors should make a statement, right?

  • 🪚 Precision Cuts: Our blades danced through the concrete like a well-practiced routine.
  • ♻️ Savvy Cleanup: Thanks to a customer-provided dump trailer, we did the cleanup hustle efficiently. You know, leaving no mess behind!

Concrete cutting projects can get wild, and we get it! It's like a concrete party with a touch of controlled chaos. But hey, we believe in leaving your space as chic as possible. 💃

Pro Tip: When planning your concrete bash, having on-site disposal (like a dump trailer) is the VIP pass to a hassle-free cleanup. Trust us, you'll be the talk of the town!

Stay fabulous, Five Points! Until next time! ✨