Core Drill Bit (Guest)
High Quality Core Drill Bits

Posted 2020-05-23

 Picture 1

core drilling heavy rebar

offer walls - $675

This is a core drill sample from a wall in charlotte nc. See the heavy rebar in the core. our bits can cut strait through this type of heavy metal. When core dr...

Posted 2020-05-06

 Picture 1

core drill 5 inch hole in wall

offer walls - $325

this is us (Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc), your friendly area core drilling company, using our very trusty core drill rig to put a 5 inch hole in the co...

Posted 2020-04-27

 Picture 1

7 inch core drill in crawl space

offer walls - $650

here this day we did a 2 7 inch core drill holes in a 18" wall on landis ave charlotte, nc. The two new houses being built will share a main drainage to the cit...