Core Drill Bit (Guest)
High Quality Core Drill Bits

Posted 2020-08-02

 Picture 1

core drilling 24 inches deep concrete foundation

offer walls - $250

This is a dangerous job. For just on the other side of that concrete foundation, upon which we are core drilling 18 four inch core drill holes 24 inches deep, a...

Posted 2020-06-11

 Picture 1

core drilling limestone wall

offer walls - $600

In of itself a core plug is often not very special. But being that we rarely have to core drill through limestone we took a picture of the core when we cored a ...

Posted 2020-05-23

 Picture 1

core drilling heavy rebar

offer walls - $675

This is a core drill sample from a wall in charlotte nc. See the heavy rebar in the core. our bits can cut strait through this type of heavy metal. When core dr...
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