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North Carolina


Core Drilling Concrete hole Calculator

Core Drilling service with reasonable prices.

Prices based on one single core drill hole

$200 Min. plus the Per Hole charge

IE: $200.00 is per job, not per hole.

Some Conditions for core drilling price List

NOTE: Walls hole prices based on holes lower than 5 feet high on wall and ground level.

NOTE: Prices are based on completely core drilling to an 8" depth, 8" width, 8" thickness or less of reinforced concrete walls and concrete Floors.

NOTE: Floor hole prices based on Ground Level.

All core drilling prices are based on our work truck being close (less than 100 foot) for power and water.

North Carolina
Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc. North Carolina 704-245-0119 blueflag core drill bit logo Charlotte, NC 28213
Core Drilling Prices NOTE: All prices based on 8" thick reinforced concrete wall or floor

Core Drill Bit Hole Size

Floor Core Drilling Prices

Wall Core Drillng Prices




1" 1/4



1" 1/2






2 1/2"






3 1/2"






4 1/2"



























Need to Core drill higher than 5 foot up a concrete wall?

Click Here

Examples of Special Conditions:

That may affect Core Drilling Pricing


Catching core drill slurry

Extensive Cleanup of core drill slurry

Multi-Story Buildings with office space below

Heavy rebar or other tough to drill material

High heights requiring a harness, ladder or scaffold

Underground (ex: manholes) ie Manholes

In crawl spaces (ex: under houses)

Up, and Up many Stairs

Down, and Up many Stairs


tough jobs that require extra help

Truck More than 100 ft away from the core drilling location

IF Ground penertrating radar is needed to locate post tension cables, embeddeds, data lines, electric lines, phone lines, etc...

If extensive clean up for core drilling is neccessary

If an extra helping hand is neccessary to complete the core drilling

High Quality Core Drill Bits

Posted 2020-05-27

 Picture 1

size of core drill hole for pipe

offer Hole chart - $1

Often when we core drill hole in walls or floors in one of the towns in North Carolina, such as Charlotte, NC or Raleigh NC, or Winston Salem NC, or Greensboro ...

Posted 2020-05-23

 Picture 1

core drilling heavy rebar

offer walls - $675

This is a core drill sample from a wall in charlotte nc. See the heavy rebar in the core. our bits can cut strait through this type of heavy metal. When core dr...

Posted 2020-05-10

 Picture 1

3 inch core drilling concrete floors

offer Floors - $45

One of the tougher jobs when core drilling is going through metal framing for sheetrock in when it is part of the project. Usually 3 inch core drilling through ...
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