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    New core drilling bits for sale from 70 dollars to 900 dollars in price.
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    core drilling experts in north carolina
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  3. 3 3-inch-hole-in-a-cement-block-wall-
    3-inch-hole-in-a-cement-block-wall_1.jpg This particular core drilling job was pretty high on a block wall which can be difficult to accomplish. Hollow cement block walls are the toughest to core drill when the hole needs to be more than 6 foot off the floor. We often use Redhead brand 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch sleeve anchors to secure the rig to the wall. In this case we are drilling a 3 inch hole in the cement block wall at about 11 foot off the floor. Some core drillers use a hand water pump to core drill holes, we do not prefer to do so.
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  4. 4 core-drilling-heavy-rebar

    This is a core drill sample from a wall in charlotte nc. See the heavy rebar in the core. our bits can cut strait through this type of heavy metal. When core drill the wall we used less than 2 gallons of water.

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  5. 5 water-basin-core-drilling-
    water-basin-core-drilling_1.jpg this is a basic set up for drilling 10 inch holes in a water basin such as you find for modern sports fields here in North Carolina. The 10 inch diamond embedded core drill bit has a drilling depth of 14 to 14 and a half inches and most water basins are less than eight inches so it easily penetrates the reinforced concrete. After setup it usually takes about 10 minutes more or less to complete the job.
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  6. 6 3-inch-core-drilling-concrete-floors

    One of the tougher jobs when core drilling is going through metal framing for sheetrock in when it is part of the project. Usually 3 inch core drilling through metal framing is different for if you do not have the core drill rig anchored or vacuum sealed to hold the rig to the floor then your going to have problems cause the core drill bit when engaging the metal framing will maybe try to skip around making starting the hole tough to do.

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  7. 7 core-drilling-3-inch-hole-in-concrete-block-wall

    this is how we core drill a 3 inch hole in a block wall for new plumbing in a parking garage in Raleigh, NC. The 3 inch hole was cored at 8 foot off the ground in a partially concrete poured wall that was hollow block cells where we had to anchor the core drilling rig. Most of the time the core drilling goes fairly well as we have did this many times before. The price was $350 dollars for this job.

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  8. 8 core-drilling-in-asheville-north-carolina

    Asheville North Carolina is where we core drill nearly 5000 core drill holes in concrete walls and floors for the past 12 years. As one of the one only core drilling companies that will service asheville we are proud to do so. These are some 12 inch core drill holes we made for a dumpster enclosure in Asheville.

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  9. 9 six-shole-in-brick-wall

    This is a 6 inch hole in a brick wall we core drilled while doing a project for a plumber on 5th street, charlotte nc. When core drilling brick we often use redhead brand sleeve anchors for mounting the rig to the wall so to keep everything balanced and level while core drilling. It also helps to let the core drill motor operate without stress on the motor which in turn will make you machine last longer.

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  10. 10 core-drill-5-inch-hole-in-wall

    this is us (Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc), your friendly area core drilling company, using our very trusty core drill rig to put a 5 inch hole in the concrete wall at a rooms to go in Dunn, NC

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  11. 11 2-inch-hole-in-wall-with-rig

    This is our very useful small core drill rig core drilling a 2 inch hole into a concrete tilt wall at about 7 foot off the ground. The job was in Fort Mill, SC. A small town south of Charlotte, NC

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  12. 12 core-drilling-12-inch-holes-for-bollards

    here in this picture we core drilled 12 inch holes for bollards for the r and L trucking company in China Grove, North Carolina

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  13. 13 core-drilling-2-inch-holes-for-electric-panel

    This is an artsy picture of some 2 inch core drill hole on a wall where the contractor wanted the holes to be lined up vertically up the wall. It was quite a chore the get the exact pattern to set and reset the core drill rig each time.

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  14. 14 core-drilling-a-4-inch-core-drill-hole-for-a-pool

    4 inch core drilling pictures and videos. A concrete pools core drilled holes in a perfect 74" center to center pattern before the fencing is installed in Apex, North Carolina.

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  15. 15 14-inch-core-drilling-bit-for-reinforced-concrete

    14 inch core drill bit, 17 inches in lenght from top of hub to bottom of 10 mm diamond teeth. we used this 14 inch core drill bit to cut holes in water basins at the football field at Robinson high school on Pitts School Rd. in concord, north carolina

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  16. 16 6-inch-core-drilling-bit-for-concrete-floors

    6 inch core drilling bit for concrete concrete walls and floors. This is us in 6 inch core drilling hole in a hospital boiler room wall that happened to be close to 48 inches thick. It took three 12 inch 1 1/4 x 7 tpi threaded core drill bit extensions.

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  17. 17 8-inch-core-drill-bit-for-core-drilling

    8 inch core drill bit for sale

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  18. 18 10-inch-core-drill-bit

    10 inch core drilling bit for heavy construction type jobs. Diamond embedded teeth to cut the toughest rebar or metal in the concrete wall or floor

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  19. 19 3-inch-core-drill-bit

    3 inch core drilling bit for sale in north carolina

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  20. 20 2-inch-core-drill-bit

    2" core drill bit. Full size 2" SAE outside diameter. Best and Fastest cutting general grade concrete core drilling bit on the market.

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