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Posted 2020-09-20

core drilling company Picture 1

core drilling company

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We are Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc, A north Carolina core drilling company with over 25 years of experience making holes in concrete, brick, and stone....

Posted 2020-09-10

core drilling at an angle Picture 1

core drilling at an angle

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These are some beautiful pictures of Boone, NC where we core drilled a hole through a patio wall. We used a smart level to get the angle of the holes to be dril...

Posted 2020-09-05

Sharpen a core bit Picture 1

Sharpen a core bit

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best to watch this with safety glasses already on. When using this method of sharpening your core drill bit please take all precautions. In the Picture is a gri...

Posted 2020-08-29

hole in a brick wall Picture 1

hole in a brick wall

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This is outside a substation near stanley county, North Carolina, where we are core drilling a 4 inch core drill hole with one of our own core drill bits and it...

Posted 2020-08-28

core drill bit warranty Picture 1

core drill bit warranty

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USPO ground We never want to sell a bad product, so 30 days or the first hole, not excluding neglect. Absolutely YES At least 40 with normal wear and tear M...

Posted 2020-08-24

vacuum pump for core drilling Picture 1

vacuum pump for core drilling

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A vacuum pump is the unique way that a core drill operator can suck down a core drilling rig to a concrete floor. This method is preferred when core drilling mo...
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