Core Drill Bit (Guest)

Publish date: 2020-12-27 00:11:37 | Contact Name: nccoredrill | Phone: 704-245-0119 Location: Mooresville NC | 61 times displayed

The week of Xmas in the year 2020 found us coring a hollow cement block wall in Mooresville, NC. The 5-inch core drill holes in the block wall were about 9 feet off the ground level, which makes this type of core drilling with a wall rig and motor that weighs app 163 lbs a dangerous endeavor. We have developed a special method for core drilling this large a=of a hole in a wall of this type. We use concrete sleeve anchors, along with a combination of concrete wedge anchors to secure the base and mast of the core drill rig to the wall and then the motor and bit. Never once have we used what is referred to as drop-in anchors that do not drive as deep into the wall to hold the rig. Whether or not you decide to use a drop-in type of concrete fastener or the wedge anchor, or the concrete sleeve, you want your rig to stay fastened to the walls.