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3 inch core drilling bit for sale

3" Core Drill Bit $135.00

Wet Use only. 1 1/4" x 7 tpi hub thread. Laser welded 10 mm diamond teeth segments. Cuts cement, reinforced concrete, brick, block and asphalt. Full 3" OD. American Made.


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new ratings 4 135 customer reviews this 3 inch is great bit - by , March 12, 2017 4/ 5 best bit I ever used

3" Core Drilling Updates

Posted 2020-10-17

3 inch core drill hole for electrical panel Picture 1

3 inch core drill hole for electrical panel

services 3 inch - $400

Just to show that often homeowners and residential contractors also need core drilling at times, we exhibit the following pictures to prove that it does happen....

Posted 2020-09-25

winston salem core drilling Picture 1

winston salem core drilling

services 3 inch - $420

The picture is the result of an outside view of coring a 3-inch hole in while doing some Winston Salem core drilling for the guys installing the new freezer for...

Posted 2020-09-20

coring sidewalk in Durham NC Picture 1

coring sidewalk in Durham NC

services 3 inch - $275

Coring a hole in the concrete sidewalk just outside of the Duke University campus in Durham North Carolina. This core drill hole was for a new signpost at one o...
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